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New Season for My Home Game

I lost a player recently and with everyone in the family adjusting to the fall schedules kicking in, it sounded like a good time to start a new game. The Pathfinder game we were running went ok but we don’t like using grids and minis. Pathfinder needs those to work at 100% so we decided to run this next game using D&D Next (5e). There are a bunch of rules about talking about 5e as of yet so I can’t go into details about the system, but I can tell you about some of the ideas we’re going to try out.

This game is ripping off The Hobbit story line in that the PCs are all the same race (elf not dwarf) and their home is going to be taken from them. I’m starting them off at level 0 for the intro. None of them are adventurers yet. They will have their race and background picked out before we begin. I want to give them a taste of what their life was like before someone flipped their table. I’m hoping it will bring a greater sense of loss to the story when discussion of this lost home is brought up. The next thing we’re trying is organic class selection. I’m writing up a series of events that, depending how the PCs handle them, will determine what class they end up as. If the PCs don’t like what they get they are allowed to override what I say and just take what they want. During level 0 they only get half of their points that go into stats and get the rest once the are level 1 and know what class they are. I’m hoping for some surprises and interesting stories here.

The world itself is going to be a little twisted from the standard D&D fair. Religion, racism, and plague are going to be big themes within the game, but more on that as I write the story.

Also on a side note I turned 29 today and I’d like to thank everyone for being interested in what I have to say. Cheers mates!


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