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Aftermath of Riverhaven pt.1

This past Friday my group of elves made it out of the mountains and started to finally get to Riverhaven. For those who didn’t read my last essay, the PCs lost their home and got separated from their families. Their plan was to meet at Riverhaven, which is normally a two day journey, but the heroes got teleported to the mountains by some unknown force. It ended taking up three weeks instead.

Off The Mountains

Originally I was going to have the players play through getting down from the mountain, but I was having writer’s block. I couldn’t come up with anything fun for them to face while up there. Then a friend reminded me of one of my own rules.

Don’t make filler content.

The whole point of making them do stuff in the mountains was simply to delay them from getting to Riverhaven and miss their families. So instead I told the party that it took them three weeks to get through the mountain passes and they were hungry and tired from the trip. Neat, clean, and none of the players argued about the time it took.

Head Into Town

My players didn’t see any movement while approaching the town. They decided to come in quietly and figure out what’s going on before announcing their presence. They came across a boarded up home on the outskirts of town, where someone could be heard inside. They forced a window open to find a terrified woman hiding in the corner. They learn from this women, named Beth, that the PCs kinsmen came through the town a few weeks ago, but there wasn’t any room for that many new people. The elders were afraid of what they heard from the elves and the destruction of the elvish kingdom, so they asked the elves to move along. Most of the elves did.

Then people started getting sick.

At first it was a few fevers, but soon it turned into a nightmare. Scores of villagers fell ill, and the elves were blamed. Soon people started dying from the plague, and shortly after that the dead started getting back up and attacking the healthy. Beth’s husband boarded up the house, but they ran out of food so he went to find some and come back. That was two days ago.

The heroes take Beth with them and proceed into the city. They are attacked by the victims of the plague. The weepers, as my players called them due to the bleeding from the eyes, were lead by the now dead Johnathon, Beth’s husband.

One of my players suggested the idea of Beth’s husband being in there. I was going to have him living but since my player thought it would be fun to have Beth lose it and be a problem during the fight I went with it and offered more XP. The PCs won with a bunch of scrapes and bruises and were able to keep Beth alive despite her best efforts to go to her now dead husband. The players escape and end up at a grainery/warehouse where they meet two more survivors and find a decent base of operation.

Going Forward

The players eventually started to make their way around town. They found a way out (they think), but want to look for more survivors before departing. The weepers started running to another part of town yelling and screaming the whole way. The players decided to use this time to make their way across town and head to a house that looked like someone was holed up in. Little did they know that they lost a survivor by not investigating what the weepers were going after. The players met a bear of a man who had not left town because his elderly mother was in her house when this all went down. That’s where we left it for the night.

What Comes Next

Well obviously the players are going to have to figure out what to do about the elderly woman that will most likely slow them down. Then we’ll see how long they players are willing to stay in town to find more survivors. I’m going to let them keep risking more and more and if they pull it off it will mean all sorts of rewards for their bravery. Course the line between bravery and foolishness is thin.

Thanks for reading.


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