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Sample Origin #2 for My Sorcerer Mage Variant in D&D Next: Fey Heritage

Again, I’m going to jump right in and just give you the samples for my Sorcerer variant. Also, don’t forget to check out the Draconic Heritage origin.

Fey Heritage

Level Features
1 Persuasive, Ability: Enchanting
2 Base Form: Charming Look
6 Ability: Sleep
12 Improved Form: Woodland Stride
16 Ability: Fey Transportation
18 Superior Form: Wooden Resistance
20 Ability: Invisibility


At 1st Level, you gain proficiency with Charisma (Persuasion) checks

Base Ability: Enchanting

Creatures have disadvantage to saving throws caused by your spells from the Enchantment school.

Base Form: Charming Look

At 2nd level, whenever you have half or fewer of your willpower points remaining, you enter your fey form. As a reaction, when a humanoid enemy that can see you moves within 10ft of you, they must succeed a Wisdom saving throw (same DC as your spells) or become charmed. The effect ends when the creature makes a successful save, which it can do as an action, or if you harm it.

Ability: Sleep

At 6th level, you learn the Sleep spell if you didn’t already know it. Also, you gain a spell slot of the highest level that you can use. This spell slot can only be used to cast the Sleep spell and is only regained after a long rest. You do not need to do any preparation for the spell slot.

Improved Form: Woodland Stride

At 12th level, your claw damage increases to 1d6. You also gain a tail attack while in your draconic form, which deals 1d6 damage. It does not gain any extra damage from any ability modifiers. Also, as an action, you can do a claw attack for each hand that you have free, as well as a tail attack.

Ability: Fey Transportation

At 16th level, you gain resistance to the damage type that your Breath Weapon deals. Also, once per day, you may automatically succeed on a saving throw of your choice. You may decide to use this after you’ve rolled your saving throw.

Superior Form: Wooden Resistance

At 18th level, your draconic form gains a frightful presence. While in your draconic form, every enemy within 100 ft of and can see you and that have half your hit dice or fewer must succeed a Wisdom saving throw or become frightened of you. This effect does not end until the creature makes a successful saving throw, which it can make at the end of its turn. A creature that succeeds on the saving throw does not need to make another saving throw against your frightful presence for 24 hours.

Ability: Invisibility

At 20th level, you gain the ability to instantaneously create and destroy magical wings for yourself at will. You gain a flight speed of 80ft while you have your wings.


Next, I’ll be doing a series of posts about putting aspects of Fate (such as Aspects, get it?) into D&D. Much of it will be for all editions, but I might end up restricting some of it to only Next in order to keep the posts shorter. I’m expecting quite the word count 🙂 Also, don’t forget to give your thoughts about this origin in the comments below (not on the social site page you got a link to this from)!

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