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Iron World, Base Class Updates Part 1

Let’s start things off by getting the “base classes” more like Iron Kingdoms. Most of these classes are in the core book, but a few need to be bought separately. I’m covering the classes that are classic D&D 3e. One thing I’m going to change in every class is changing the race options. I like players to be able to pick out what race they want regardless of class. Iron Kingdoms has the following races; human, elf, dwarf, gobber, ogrun, and trollkin. A lot of the race option in the classes were simply renamed so it would fit with any race. In no particular alphabetical order let’s go through them.


Looking over the class I can’t see anything that demands changes to make it fit, so I’m leaving it as is.


Bards in the Iron Kingdom are a little different. People are very mistrusting of magic, so most bards are lumped together with sorcerers and enchanters and other black magic users. It is because of this that bards usually become War-Bards, fighting in armies where their skills can be used to bolster their fellow soldier. To make War-Bards happen change the following:

  • Remove the Chaotic alignment.
  • Add the Lawful alignment with the suggestion “Use your art to instill order within your squad”.
  • Add the Bond “_________ and I joined the army together.”
  • Instead of races have the player choose where he learned his trade.
  • Apprentice “Your master was a well traveled bard and you learned much about the world through his stories. When arriving at a new location you can recall a story you were told and state a fact about the location.”
  • Strategic Academy “When entering a civilization that is of your home country (or allied with) you are treated with respect and offered room and board free of charge.”


First off I suggest you use the Priest class and not the cleric. The Cleric from the core book is too much like the D&D Cleric with the same spell casting system (almost). The priest is more fun and lets the player do what they want and not be slaves to the system. So the following is an update for the Priest:

  • Instead of Race change it to Deity. Add the following choices.
  • Morrow: Same as the Dwarf ability.
  • Thamar: “Gain +1 forward when successfully using seduction or intimidation to Defy Danger.”
  • Menoth: “Gain +1 forward when successfully using Lead the Flock to restore order.”
  • Cyriss: “Gain +1 ongoing when using Invocation on Jacks or other mechanika devices.”
  • Change the Deity section already on the sheet and change the name to patron. The Cleric can make up his or her own patron (think Saints like in the Catholic church) and use the old Deity section as written.

Religion in the Iron Kingdoms is pretty neat and in-depth, but I’m not going to go into it here. That’s a whole bunch of articles waiting to happen.


Only thing I’ll change is race. Instead of race, add the following:

Mistrusted Outsider “You may be elf, dwarf, gobber, or human, but you are not from around here. At the beginning of each session, the GM will ask you something about the druid circle that you came from, why your kind isn’t trusted in these parts, or why you left the circle to wander the world. If you answer them, mark XP.” (Blatant rip off of the Barbarian, but if it ain’t broke…)


Another class that only needs a race change. Instead of race, change it to the following.


  • Military Training : Same as Human’s
  • Rowdy Brawler: Same as Dwarf’s
  • Duelist: Same as Elf


My games don’t use Monks. They always seem to stick out like a sore thumb and they don’t really fit into the theme of Iron Kingdoms. If you really want to use the Monk/Initiate change the following. Instead of races add the following:


  • of Keeping: When using Spout Lore treat a 6 or less as a 7-9.
  • of the Fist: Same as Human


I prefer the Templar class to the Paladin class from DW. Both are good but the Templar feels much more different from the fighter than the Paladin does. Once again, race is the only issue I see here. Change race to the following:


  • Marrow: “When you miss using ‘Unrelenting’ you take 1d6 damage instead of 1d8.”
  • Menoth: “When using ‘I Am The Law’, on a miss you still get to choose one of the options, but you take a -1 forward.”


The Ranger is interesting from where I stand. In the 3e version of the Ranger it was changed to a scout. No animal companions or nature-y stuff. More of a military soldier. Now I like the DW Ranger (which is weird cause I never like Rangers in any game) but if we try to go back to where it was back in 3e I’ll be writing a new class. So I’ll leave the class as is except change the race options.


  • Scout: Same as elf
  • Survivor: Same as human


Remove race and change it to Style:

  • Thug: “When using Backstab you may use STR instead of DEX.”
  • Rogue: “When using Defy Danger using Dex or Cha, on a hit gain +1 forward.”


When playing an arcane spell caster use the Mage class from DW. It is so much more fun than the Wizard DW class. No spell lists and you’re only limited by your creativity.

In Iron Kingdoms Wizards are more accepted than Sorcerers, this is due to the fact that Wizards are mostly trained by the government (you know, when they’re open and stuff). So remove race and change it to Discipline:

  • Sorcerer: “You are feared because of your power. So when someone leans to trust you, you take that trust to heart. Gain +1 ongoing to Aid Another when helping one of your fellow adventurers.” (Changed from Original. Thanks mate.)
  • Wizard: “You have been taught the workings of Mechanika. You have +1 ongoing when Spouting Lore on mechanika.”

And for my next trick…

Over the last few days of editing and rereading this article I came up with a few more ideas for expanding the base classes. My next article in the series will be these new ideas on how to make the base classes fit Iron Kingdoms even more. I’ll be doing traditional racial options next time around, and I’m going to write up different replacements for race and alignment.


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