by Delos

Iron World, The Barbarian

So last time I came up with ideas to make the classes available to any race by reskinning or rewriting the race options. This time around I came up with new race options for the base classes. Also, I have written Drives and Pasts that can be used in place of Alignment and Race.


Human “Your berserk nature makes you a force to be reckoned with. When using CON to Defy Danger you gain +1 forward on a 7+ roll.”

Ogrun “Your arms are like two pythons trying to strangle each other. No creature can stand up to your might. Gain +1 damage when you Hack and Slash.”

Trollkin “Your ability to heal from wounds is the stuff of legends that your people tell. When you take a short rest you heal to full HP.”


Vengeance “When someone wrongs you, you don’t let it go. Ever. Add Vengeance to your list of Appetites you possess.”

Acceptance “Most take one look at you and dismiss you as an ignorant savage, but you always seem to surprise those who underestimate your quick thinking. Gain +1 forward when you successfully Defy Danger using INT, WIS, or CHA.”


Chief “You were once a leader among your people, but no longer. At the start of every session the GM will ask you about either your people or what happened as to why you are no longer their leader. If you answer him you can mark XP.”

(I realize that this is mostly a copy/paste from the original Barbarian, but I love the idea of having alternate ways to earn XP so I’m going to carry that over to all classes)

Raised by Worgs “You may have been born in a barn, or raised by wolves, or brought up by apes. You did not have humanoid caretakers growing up and social graces seem strange to you. At the end of a session if you made a decision based on your animal instincts you can mark XP.”

In Closing

Thanks for reading all. If you have any thoughts please leave a comment below. I love to hear from you all on Google+, but if you could leave the comment hear that would help to make it look like it’s more than you and my wife that read these.

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