by Delos

Iron World, The Bard


Dwarf “Your people pass down the tales of heroes. You gain Legends of Heroes Past for free as a Bardic Lore.”

Trollkin “You are trained in the art of the Fellcall. When you use Arcane Art to give bonus damage, roll 1d6”


Become Famous “When you roll for Outstanding Warrants, you automatically are noticed by all and get the complication ‘Everyone is out to find you’. You get +1 ongoing to Defy Danger using CHA when your fan girls/guys are around.”

Witness a New Hero in the Making “You will be present when one of your friends becomes a great hero and you will tell their tale. When you use Arcane Arts to boost the aid action, they get +3.”


Military Training “At the beginning of each session your GM will ask you about how the army you came from changed the area you are in. If you tell him how, you may mark XP.”

Mentored “Your mentor was a very well-traveled person. Once per session, when you enter a new area, you may tell a tale of an adventure your mentor had when he/she was here. If you do you may mark XP.”

Final Thoughts

So that’s my take on the Iron Kingdoms bard. The drives and pasts would work for any setting methinks. I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments below. I love to hear from you all on Google+, but I’d love to share your comments with the other readers, so please comment here. Thanks for reading.

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