by Delos

Iron World, The Cleric

Quick note. Use the priest class from DW, not the Cleric. Trust me on this. It is way more fun for the player.


Ios Elf “Your last god is dying. It will probably happen within your lifetime. You don’t have long. Whenever you charge ahead recklessly you gain +1 forward on your next action.”


Smite the Wicked “You gain +1 ongoing when using Invocation to rebuke your deity’s enemies.

Save the Fallen “You gain +1 ongoing to healing HP.”


Changed Heathen “Once per session, when you meet a new NPC, you can tell the GM that you knew this NPC back before you became a priest. Describe what you were like back then and what your relationship was to this NPC. If you do mark XP.”

Cloistered Life “You didn’t get out much. Ever. The only friends you had growing up were books. By that you had a lot of friends. Once per session when you first meet a new place or phenomenon, the GM will ask you what you’ve read about it. IF you answer him you may mark XP.”

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