by Delos

Iron World, The Druid


Nyss Elf “In addition to other attunements you get ‘The Frozen North’.”

Ios Elf “Same as Elf”


Cleanse the Land “When using shape shifting you can become an elemental of your homeland. You are a combination of multiple elements and cannot turn into a single element.”

Bridge the Gap “You want to bring the civilized world in tune with nature. You are attuned to The Great City and can become any animal that would reside within a city. This is in addition to your other attunements.


Stared Down the Devil “When you were young you were faced with one of the most dangerous animals known to the world. You faced it down and for some reason it let you live. Once per session tell the GM a tale about this creature’s wanton destruction and reign of terror. If you do mark XP.”

Raised by the Wild “You were raised by the animals you become. Once per session when you react in an animistic way to a situation that causes complications or hardships for you, you may mark XP.”

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