by Jacob

This Just In: Evil Hat is Even More Awesome

You’ve probably read some of my articles before about Fate Core RPG by Evil Hat. I’m only a fairly recent convert to their stuff, but it has amazed me at every step of the way just how awesome the people who work at Evil Hat are. The Kickstarter campaigns that I’ve been a part of have all been awesome, and their products are, to use an outdated phrase, off the hook! Sorry, I just didn’t think the word “amazing” was good enough to describe Fate. Well, Evil Hat is at it again. This time, though, it’s more of a shout out to us than anything. They’ve started a short-term program called the Evil Hat Street Team, where they reward their customers for spreading the word about their system. Heck, even spreading the word about the Street Team (which is what I’m doing right now :P) is rewarded. Since there was no planned post for today, and the Street Team was announced today, I decided to write an impromptu post about it. That’s all I have for you guys; I know this post isn’t much, but this is big stuff. Go to the link to see what you can do to help spread the news about Fate.


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