by Delos

Iron World, The Fighter


Trollkin “You are hard to put down for good. Gain +1 ongoing to Last Breath.”

Orgun “Gain +1 ongoing to Bend Bars/Lift Gates.”

Gobber “Same as Halfling.”


Military “You were trained by the army of your home country. You are disciplined in the art of war. You gain +1 to Defy Danger when your training can help.”

Defeated “Long ago you were beaten badly. It took a whole hoard of them to get you down, and even then you wouldn’t give up. Gain +1 to Defy Danger when you are outnumbered.”


Defend the Weak “Once per session when you take a hit meant for an ally, you may mark XP.”

Defeat the Strong “Once per session when you deal the finishing blow to a creature that started with 15+ HP you may mark XP.”


Add the following to the choices of gear (not armor)

Pistol (Weight 1, Ammo 2, Damage +1, Near, Unreliable)

Rifle (Weight 2, Ammo 2, Damage +2, Far, Unreliable)

The Unreliable tag is intended for 6- rolls. When the PC fails a volley with a gun, it should jam up, explode, or otherwise become unusable until it can be repaired. Guns are powerful but gods help you when they muck up.

Hey all. Thanks for reading and I hope someone can use these ideas in their game. I’m going to skip over the monk (personal taste reasons) and move on to the Paladin/Templar.

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