by Delos

Iron World, The Paladin

This hack is intended for either the Paladin class or Templar. I prefer the Templar in my game (especially since they have a broader range to become, instead of only the knight in shining armor), but the Paladin is still a fun class.


Normally the IK races don’t become Paladins. It mostly a human thing, but for those who want to be different then here we go.

Dwarf “You can pray to your ancestors for guidance. When you do so you gain +1 forward but you draw unwanted attention to yourself.” (This might be OP depending on the GM so I’d suggest that the GM make the Paladin’s life difficult if he keeps using it all the time.)

Nyss “You can feel when there is arcane magic nearby. You may ask the GM if anything/anyone in the scene is magically enhanced in any way.”

Ios “With your immortal life span very little gets past you. You always know when someone is lying to you.”

Ogrun “Your huge stature and burly physique allows you to use I Am The Law using STR instead of CHA.”


Squire “You trained under the best of your order. He made a lot of enemies and you inherited them when you trained under him. Once per session when you meet a new NPC (your call) that NPC was wronged by your mentor (rightly or not) and now wants revenge against you. If you do mark XP.”

Cloistered “You spent your early life in the church learning of your divine purpose and studying holy texts. You didn’t get out much. Once per session when you meet a new NPC (your call) your character offers insult to the NPC due to your cloistered life style. The NPC is hostile to you (not necessarily to the group) and you may mark XP.”


Repentance “You committed a great sin and let someone die while under your protection. You will not let that happen again. Whenever you Defend you gain +1 hold regardless of your roll.”

Divine Calling “Your god/ancestor speaks with you directly. When you Defy Danger and use WIS to pray to your god for an answer you gain +1 forward.”

Thanks for reading. Let me know what you thought in the comments. Next up is the Ranger.

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