by Delos

Iron World, The Ranger


Ogrun “Your skill with melee weapons allow you to use Called Shot using STR while within Close range.”

Trollkin “Your ferocity carries over to your pet. Your pet gains +1 ferocity.”

Gobber “Your nose is very keen and aids you in tracking. Gain +1 ongoing on Hunt and Track.”


The Next Big Hunt “Once per session you may declare something your quarry. The NPC or object in question must be declared before a fight breaks out. You can’t just decide that the random goblin you bumped into is your quarry. If said goblin were to get away from you then you may declare it as such. If you capture or kill your quarry by the end of the session you may mark XP.”

Guide the Ignorant “Once per session when you Take a Perilous Journey the GM will ask what you did on this journey that saved the life of at least one person of the group. If you answer him you may mark XP.”


The King’s Royal Huntsman “You once, or still do, served your king as his royal huntsman. You are considered a noble to most and you have/had the king’s ear. You can use your position as leverage when using Parlay on the people of your country.”

Woodsman “You lived in the wilderness with out humanoid contact for years. You learned to adapt and rely on yourself and your animal companion for everything. Whenever you roll Defy Danger when you are alone (or with your companion) you gain +1 forward.”

Thanks for reading. Next up will be the Rouge followed by the Mage. After that we’ll be ready to move on to the new classes.

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