by Delos

Sad News

Hey all,
Once my last two articles covering the base classes come out for Iron World I’m going to be done. Unfortunately I’ve been asked by Privateer Press to stop writing about Iron Kingdoms. I was planning on expanding the project to a wiki and maybe a book but I went to get permission first and was shot down. Not surprised about the book, but they asked that I don’t write any more about the setting. Since the last two are already written I’m going to let them run and then move on. My plan is to start writing up my own setting (with blackjack and hookers) and once I get some good ground work done I will present it to the world. In the mean time I’ll be going back to writing general advice about GMing and Dungeon World.

On a positive note, you may have noticed the name of the site changed. I did that because I wanted to make Jacob a full partner in this venture. He is one of my two editors and has contributed lots of content. Thanks Jake for all you do.

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