by Delos

Iron World, The Thief


Nyss “Your blood lust is impossible to sate, but you try your best. On a 6- when rolling Backstab you may still pick one.”

Ogrun “Your blows punch right through most defenses. You may use STR for Backstab rolls instead of DEX.”

Gobber “Your skin naturally changes to match your surroundings. Gain +1 ongoing to any action that involves stealth.”


The Next Big Heist “You always have a plan for your next big caper. Once per session you may make a plan to acquire something illegally (GM fiat). If the group follows the plan and acquire the loot, you may mark XP.”

My Loyalty is as Good as Your Gold “When someone pays you to do a job you see it through. Once per session when someone makes you a better offer, or ignoring your job would make life easier, you stay true to your client. If you do, mark XP and prepare for a world of hurt.”


Child of the Streets “The streets were always your home. You were born a street rat and you’ll probably die a street rat, but you have friends in some wonderfully low places. When you go about recruiting you can Recruit someone in a skill of your choice equal to your level without rolling. You may do this once per session.”

Bored Noble “Being rich was too easy for you. Now you look for adventure and excitement. Though you are not above using your connections to get your way. Once per session when you roll Outstanding Warrant you may treat a roll of 7-9 as a 10+.”

Thanks for reading. This class was a little different than what the others worked out to, but I’m trying different things to see if something good could come from it. Let me know what you thought.

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