by Delos

Iron World, The Mage


Nyss “The Nyss live in a world that is cold and cruel. Their magic reflects that. You gain +1 forward when you successfully cast a spell dealing with winter or cold.”

Ios “The Ios are masters of the arcane arts and they love to tell everyone about it. You gain +1 ongoing to Spout Lore.”

Gobber “You’re naturally devious and clever when it comes to using your magic. Unless the spell has to be obvious (like a fireball) on a roll of 10+ to cast a spell, you may make the spell unnoticeable to others.”


Harsh Mentor “You were tutored by a brilliant and harsh master. It has made you not only brilliant but tough. You cast spells using INT and you gain +1 ongoing to Defy Danger using CON.”

Born With Arcane Might “Your blood is where your power comes from. You never needed to study a dusty old tome, just needed to practice blowing a few things up around the house. You cast spells using CHA and gain +1 ongoing to Defy Danger when you lie. You had to tell your mom something when you set the cat on fire…”

Thanks for reading. With this I’m done with Iron World. I won’t be writing anything new but I’ll be leaving these posts up for future reference if you decide to use them in your home game.

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