by Jacob

Renaming The “M”s and “S”s in Fate

I’ve got a really short one for you guys today.

There is one thing in Fate that really bugs me: labels. For the most part, I feel Fate did a good job labeling things, but when it comes to naming the levels of potency of certain mechanics, they got a little messed up, I think. Here’s what I’m talking about:

  • Consequences: mild, moderate, severe
  • Costs: minor and serious
  • Milestones: minor, significant, major

You see what I mean in the title about the “m”s and “s”s? Those labels are very inconsistent, while meaning pretty much the same thing each time. I’m proposing a new set of labels that will be used in all three cases. These proposed labels are minor, moderate, and major. When it comes to costs, it’ll be minor and major.


See? Nice and short. It’s something I’ve had on my mind for a while, and I thought I’d share.


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