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Steal This Character: The Ex Hero


This character did something heroic back in his day. Whatever he did, it required doing something horrific (like killing people) for the greater good. He was regarded as a hero for saving so many lives.

He is haunted by what he’s done and distances himself from others in his misery. Most nights, he awakes in a sweat from nightmares replaying what he did. And he refuses to let it go, because that would dishonor the victims. (Aspect Suggestion: I Can’t Forget What I’ve Done)

He is willing to suffer anything as punishment for what he’s done, truly believing he deserves it. (Aspect Suggestion: I Don’t Care What You Do To Me, I Deserve It)

Questions to Answer

What exactly did he do that was heroic, yet horrific?
Do the people remember what he has done?

  • Is he more of a Benjamin Martin (from The Patriot; to break the enemies moral he sent the heads of their friends in baskets) where people still buy him drinks? (Aspect Suggestion: Strangers Buy Me Drinks)
    • If so, do they do so in celebration? (Aspect Suggestion: Congratulated for <insert bad thing done here>)
    • Or in somberness? (Aspect Suggestion: Nobody Forgets that Horrible Day)
  • Or is he more of a John McClane (Die Hard series), where people moved on and don’t think about it anymore. (Aspect Suggestion: Heroes are Always Forgotten)

Would he do it again, given the chance? (Aspect Suggestion: if the answer is yes, Does What Needs to Get Done; if no, I Will Never “Do That” Again)


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