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Steal This Villain: Hollowtooth

This weeks “Steal This” gives you a new bad guy to throw at your players. Introducing Hollowtooth the vampire orc pirate captain king chieftain. Not only is Hollowtooth all that, but he also captains a ship that can use oars, sails, or his pet dragon Frostfang.

The Ship

Hollowtooth captains the war ship “Ice Breaka”. She’s a three mast ship that originally belonged to a nearby human empire. Hollowtooth took it and sailed north with it. Once he reached the frozen waters of the north he began improving on it. Using his frost shamans and the usual orc ingenuity Hollowtooth turned the ship into a fearsome looking thing. The ship is covered in ice and is mostly blue. The ice gives it the looks of a dragon head coming out of the water. Steel has been nailed down all over to help armor it up. At the prow of the ship there is a nest where the dragon Frostfang can rest. Near this nest is a harness that Frostfang wears to pull the ship and reach speeds that no other ship in the north can reach naturally.

The Dragon

Frostfang is under the hypnotic control of Hollowtooth. It takes the orc a lot of effort to keep the dragon under thumb and as such Hollowtooth can’t use the usual vampire psychic ability to dominate ones mind as long as the dragon is under his control. Frostfang is somewhat stout for a dragon and a mean temper. It can pull the ship using the harness that they crew has made and has a terribly cold breath weapon that will freeze flesh in an instant. A weak point in Frostfang is the psychic control Hollowtooth has over him. If someone could stop Hollowtooth’s control for a moment or two that would give the dragon a chance to break free. This wouldn’t mean that the dragon would help the adventurers. Frostfang is as mean and violent as any orc on the ship.

The Crew

Hollowtooth’s crew can have anywhere from 20 to 100 orcs (depending on what your story needs are). Within the crew there should be a goblin frost shaman that can summon huge blizzards to hide and disguise the approach of Hollowtooth’s ship. The rest of the crew is goblin and orc.

The Captain

Hollowtooth is a vampire orc. Yes I realize this is ridiculous but that’s where the awesome comes in. HT has vampire muscle on top of orc muscle and was mean and bloodthirsty before the vampire curse fell to him. He dresses as snazzily as a pirate captain can, complete with giant feathered hat. He fights with a jagged scimitar that is a large as some men. He’s smarter than most orcs but that doesn’t make him a rocket scientist by any means. HT will make some dumb decisions and will usually go the brute force route when he can. When I ran HT I didn’t give him the weirder vampire powers (swarms of bats, mistform, etc) but you can throw those in there when you think the group needs a bigger butt kicking. Oh and give him a peg leg. Then when the group needs an impromptu stake there’s one right there.

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