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Dungeon World Class Review: The Priest

Last week I talked about the Mage and how much fun it is. The mage doesn’t need things like spell lists or spells per day. It just needs a flavor of magic and then you watch the mage cut loose. The priest is the divine equivalent of the mage.

Quick note: The cleric is the core class. The priest is a 3rd party class which can be bought here, along with the mage, templar, and artificer.

The differences between the cleric and priest can be seen early on. The cleric has to deal with spell lists, while the priest can pray for what they need. Both classes let you build your deity to your tastes but the priest is better at it. The cleric has you pick from a list of six what the deity is all about. The priest simply picks what your deity controls. It can be anything. Then to further push the deity into the world the priest picks out the deities worshipers, enemies, demands and what the god represents. There is no list you have to pick from. You can make this exactly what you want without having to reskin a mechanic.

Spell casting on the priest is way more fun. You have two ways to cast. The first is divine ward and that is your basic defensive magic spell. It heals, armors, and blesses whoever is on the receiving end. The cleric has something close to it but the priest version is more elegant. Secondly the rest of the spells a priest casts is simply manipulating the chosen schticks that you picked out earlier. Say you pick a god that controls winter, represents death, worshiped by elves, enemy to orcs, and demands blood sacrifices. When you pray to this deity to help out the deity can:

  • Manipulate Winter
  • Command Death
  • Bolster Elves
  • Rebuke Orcs

With a little imagination a priest can do some pretty crazy things. The player is more able to do what he wants as opposed to doing what a spell list says. A note about the actual mechanic, the priest doesn’t get to say “I want my deity to freeze the orc army in their tracks.” A mage gets to say what his magic does. A priest prays for help, and not demand that his deity do exactly as he wants. What happens is that if the priest rolls well then the deity (GM) chooses how to bless the priest. The priest then takes what he gets. It gives a lot of control to the GM while allowing for more awesome things to happen for the players.

Four dollars for this and the other three classes is worth it. Believe me. You’ll probably throw away the cleric and wizard play books because of it.

Thanks for reading mates. I’ll keep covering different classes that don’t appear in Dungeon World Core so keep checking in to see what I found.


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