by Jacob

Steal This Location: Hell on Earth


This location truly seems like a hell on earth.  Why?  Because it is constantly burning without burning up.  This area has been burning for years (how many?), but it seems it will continue forever.  The surrounding area is charred and doesn’t grow because anything that does quickly ends up burning away again, leaving nothing but ashes. Inside the area, the fires seem like they will burn forever. (Aspect Suggestions: Hell on Earth; Unquenchable Flames)

Questions To Answer

Does anything live within the flames?

  • What sort of creatures live there?
  • Where did they come from?
  • Do they ever leave the flames?
  • Are they a threat?
    • Will they attack you for coming too near? (Aspect Suggestion: No Trespassing)
    • Do they attack surrounding areas without provocation?
    • Are they actually friendly?
  • What are they doing there?
    • Is there a grand scheme happening? (Aspect Suggestion: Impending Threat From Within the Flames)
    • Are they just living out their lives?

What’s causing the flames?

  • Methane leaking from underground pools?
  • Created by a specific spell?
  • Magical traces left behind that created a new effect? (Aspect Suggestion: Magically Tainted)
  • A link to an elemental plane or hell?

So, what do you think?  Got anything to add?

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