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Dungeon World Class Review: The Monster Hunter

So a while ago I ran a one shot for a group of friends that only gets together during the holidays. This one shot had a Slayer/Monster Hunter. You can find the class here. I refer to it as the Monster Hunter (MH) simply due to the fact that I have three Slayer classes I can hand my players and this help differentiate. So first off mad props to the creator of this class. It is really well done. You owe it to yourself to give it a look. Let’s look at what the MH can do.

Look What I Can Do!

The MH is a really open class. It’s one stat that all MH should have is INT. Monster Hunters rely on their encyclopedic knowledge of monsters to know where to hurt them. Other than INT you can use whatever stats you want. The one in my group was a bruiser. All STR and CON but you could easily go DEX or WIS or CHA depending on your play style and creativity. The MH feels like a ranger mixed with a scholar with a bit of bad ass thrown in for good measure.

The starting moves are fun and really useful. Your first move lets you scour your brain for the best way to deal with a monster. You get some hold known as Readiness that you can spend to either hurt the monster or save your bacon. You can do your research ahead of time and then use it once you find your target. Next up you can simply ask the GM “What’s the best way to kill XYZ?” No roll. You just know it. The fun part of this move for the GM is that the GM can turn it around on the player and ask him “What’s the best way to kill XYZ?”. Be prepared for some crazy answers. (Like how to kill a vampire ork pirate king) Then MHs get to be Batman and have just the right tool at the moment. Sometimes the item might be buried and hard to get to so then the MH has to decide to be put on the spot while they dig around or grab something close and hope for the best. My player totally used this to be Batman. There were grappling hooks and ropes all over the place in there. Lastly they get the ability to wear parts of their kills as trophies. If they do so they can use a non magical power of the creature. Our MH gained the ability to use a frost dragon’s breath weapon by taking some teeth and the bladder that holds the breath weapon within a dragon. It was pretty gruesome and sweet. He built an ice gun from dragon parts.

I can’t speak about the advance moves too much but from what I’ve read there are some really fun ones to borderline OP ones. The ability to start any fight at full HP is pretty cool. I let the MH in our group reattach an arm when a dragon bit it off because of it, but that was GM fiat.

In the end this class is an awesome addition to your class collection. It doesn’t step on the toes of the other base classes and allows you to play that smart hunter type/Indiana Jones like character. Quick wit and moxxy. Thanks for reading mates.


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