by Delos

Steal This Item: The Ugly Stick

This started as a joke in a D&D game a long time ago but after a while it became my barbarians most powerful weapon. The Ugly Stick (TUS) is a gnarled piece of wood that must be wielded as a two handed club. There appears to be smashed and ugly faces in the wood. They are naturally occurring and not carved. TUS was enchanted by a shaman that wanted to create a way to punish the vain and beautiful. He created a totem that would sap the beauty and essence of the victim. Eventually the enchantment was transferred to a great club that a wild barbarian chieftain wielded. Most dispute the fact that the club is enchanted at all and say just getting hit with a stick that big will mess up anyone’s face. Whoever says this to the chieftains face usually got a demonstration. In the face.

When a foe is hit by TUS they take a penalty to any charisma/social roll. After a few blows the penalty accumulates to the victim beginning to lose sense of their self. Basically they become so ugly that they don’t recognize themselves anymore. The blows are always messy and leave permanent scars.

Honestly this was one of my favorite items that I got to own. Throw this in your group and see what happens. Thanks for reading.

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