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Arcane Fallout: History of Humans

Note:I’ve been receiving some messages that I’m trying to rip off Apocalypse World. This project is the same as Inverse World and Pirate World and Grim World. It’s a different setting that is geared for FATE and Dungeon World. This is a preview of some of the history of this setting. The name is a mash up of Arcane and Apocalypse.

Hey all. So here is the first bit about our big project “Arcalypse World”. Please note that AW is a working title. Last time we talked about it we said it was a Post-Apocalyptic Sci-Fi Fantasy setting. We’re grabbing bits and pieces from some of our favorite settings like Eberron, Shadowrun, and Dark Sun. The hope is to make something new and unique for your gaming pleasure. In AW the world was a typical medieval fantasy world, but the world had little to no magic in it. Elves had their form of magic that was nature-themed and very subtle. Dwarves had rune magic that was used to reinforce their crafting and mining. Humans had no magic to speak of. Then came the crash. A ship fell from the sky and landed in the wild wastes. These wastes were filled with savage and barbarous humans. These savages kept most at bay by reputation alone, but with the sky ship in their midst, anyone with a standing army started invading to get to the ship. Unfortunately for anyone that survived past the savages, the ship has automated defenses that would obliterate any that got too close. The few people that got in past the weapons never came back out and haven’t been heard from again.

That’s the short version of things but gives you the idea of what really changed to the world and where things took off from there.  So this blurb about AW is about a race that usually dominates any world they live in. Enter humans.

We Were Here First

From the journal of Richard Starseeker, noted historian and Arcanist, devout follower of Ingrid Starfire: “The first thing to note about human history is that we used to be really ignorant. We fought with each other all the time. There was no united kingdoms, just a bunch of petty lords that were always trying to one up each other. Technologically we were far behind the dwarves and magically even further behind the elves. The human race was like a vastly overgrown forest so thick that nothing could prosper, just full of pathetic weeds and thorns. We had our cousins, the savages who worshiped Ona Ri Clun. They worshiped battle and war, lived like animals, and were even more broken and prone to infighting than our ancestors. We never payed them much mind, and our ancestors had no problem leaving them alone. Then came the Crash.

“What little reports we have from that time say that it appeared like the biggest comet ever to be seen in the sky. It crashed into the wilds. Right in the heart of savage lands. Any lord with a decent-sized army went to seek out this thing that fell from the sky. The savages would attack any that came near. They were getting stronger and bolder, and these savages were starting to change into things of nightmares. It was told that eventually an army or two would find the site. There they found the skyship. It was like finding a dead dragon. Massive and unmoving but still brimming with power, but that power would stay out of our hands for a time. The skyship has weapons that will destroy any who get near it. It is recorded that a few got past but most likely this is pure fabrication since there is no recordings of what’s inside the ship. Even the dwarves sent troops to try to secure the skyship. All this while the savages kept changing. It’s said that one day they just disappeared. No sign of them could be found, until they reemerged as the threat we now call the Greenskins.

“Our cousins had become on the outside what they were on the inside. Monstrous and ugly. We now know that this change is probably due to the close proximity to the skyship, since they are living right next to the source of all Arcana. They came in different shapes and sizes but the one key feature they all shared was their green tinted skin, hence the name. Greenskins, as many of you know, are very violent and stupid. They decided one day to march on our people. With their increased physical strength, speed, and toughness they were a force to end the known world. We humans were being pushed to the brink. We asked for help, but the elves provided none. It was the dwarves that came to our aid, or so we thought.

“The dwarves came to our aid and stopped the losses we were suffering. Together we forced the greenskins back to their lands. Then the dwarves gave our leaders an order; we were to leave our lands. We were unfit to protect them so the dwarves were going to take them. We didn’t have the numbers to fight them, and they were at the heart of our lands already. Reluctantly our leaders stopped the bloodshed and our ancestors left.

“This point in our history becomes hard to track. Most of our records are shoddy at best and there are not many to begin with. What we do know is that the elves had retreated to their forests and wouldn’t speak with our ancestors. We asked for help with the dwarves but the elves were impossible to find. Later we discovered it was due to the change they themselves were going through. Our forefathers began to make homes wherever we could and started to work with debris that had fallen off the skyship during the crash. They began to understand Arcana more and more and soon were able to do hedge wizardry. Soon the dwarves took notice. Without provocation, our people were attacked. The dwarves were upon us and we used what we could to fight back. We were outnumbered, and they were much better equipped. Our magic was still in its newborn phase and wasn’t ready for combat. That was until Ingrid Starfire discovered the basic laws of Arcana. No one knows how long she knew these basic principals that allow us to harness arcane energy before the dwarves started attacking, but what we do know for sure is that the dwarves were not ready. Ingrid cut down swaths of them with but a gesture and a word. Her weapon was a staff of untold power. The dwarves retreated temporarily. This gave Ingrid time to teach some disciples how to use Arcana. They were able to fix and use tech that our people had found. Soon our soldiers were wielding ARCs (arcane reactor cannon) along with swords and bows. More Arcanists were being trained everyday, but the dwarves had mustered an army greater than that which was used to stop the greenskins. It was at this time Ingrid’s Cairn was made. Ingrid went into the dwarven mountains alone. It is said that she sent a message to the king to look at the top of their tallest mountain. When he did Ingrid used a magic so powerful that she was lost in the cataclysm. There wasn’t an explosion or thunder. Just a shaft of light coming from the night sky. The light struck the mountain and the top half of it simply vanished. The dwarf king was told via message from Ingrid that should his people march on the humans, this magic would be used on their army. The dwarf king retreated his forces.

“It was this sacrifice of Ingrid Starfire that gave us humans a chance. Now we have a government that can defend us. The Council of Five and our leader Elric Canno keep us safe and sheltered. There is still infighting among our kind, as is our nature, but our race has a chance. A chance to become something great again. A chance to change the world.”


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