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Grim World Review

One of my favorite settings to come out for Dungeon World is Grim World. It was successfully kick started months ago and we picked up a copy asap. Grim World covers Dungeon World and FATE. I’m mostly going to cover the DW side of things since it has more mechanical crunch than FATE. My next couple of class reviews will cover all of the classes of GW. These classes are not free, but honestly the whole book is worth picking up and it will add so much to your game.

GW adds seven new classes to DW. All of these classes harken to Warhammer in some way, shape, or form. I’ll go into a class review for each one in future articles, but GW adds some new ideas that a lot of other new playbooks has taken from. As far as I know GW came up with these ideas first.

First thing is that you can be any race for any class. There is no list you pick from for each playbook. There is just a spot on the top of the sheet where you write in what you are. The book has race specific abilities but you don’t have to play with those. This is great for those who want to play by the rules but want to play something unusual. In my games if someone wants to be a non human paladin we just say they are and leave it at that, but some people are stickler for rules.

Then they added Death Moves. These make PC demise epic. When a PC dies they get one last move that they get to pull off. These moves always hit and hit like a freaking train. For some classes it’s a final strike that royall messes up the BBEG. For other classes its a world changing event that will last for years and will be spoken of for generations to come. GW also added Death Moves for the core classes so everyone can get in on the awesome. If you take one thing from this game I would suggest Death Moves. The will make your game better.

Each class is presented as a DW and as a FATE class. For DW you have yourself awesome play books that add a lot to your game. For FATE you gain a huge list of aspects and stunts to pick from to make your PC awesome.

GW adds more races to the mix. All of the staple fantasy races are here. Dwarves, elves, dragonborn, warforged, drow, etc. They also have suggested moves and aspects for each race to help you get more into your character. It’s nice to see a setting that allows for more obscure races that people love to play.

GW has a chapter on magic items and most of them are cursed or hard to use. This is great since most players expect all magic items to be perfect and useful at all times. The book also contains plenty of ideas for villains and setting ideas without spelling out everything. This is great since it keeps up with DWs principal of draw a map but leave blanks.

If you want to pick up Grim World head over to to buy a copy. It’s $15 for the PDF. They are not making any physical copies atm unless you are part of the kickstarter.


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