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Steal This: Ozymandias

Today’s Steal This is both a character and an event. The Ozymandias I’m referring to is the one from the comic book The Watchmen. An excellent read and other than a couple of changes the movie was really close. Ozy is a super genius and super rich. He’s kind of like Iron Man, Reed Richards, and Batman all rolled together in terms or smarts and resources. He’s one of the best heroes from this world. From here on in there are spoilers ahoy so if you want to read/watch The Watchmen stop reading right now and go do something with your life. Otherwise press on.


Ozy is also one of the best villains I’ve ever seen. Almost no one knows he’s gone naughty until the very end. Now betrayal is one thing but doing it at the level he does is amazing.

If you want someone like this in your game as an BBEG you need to introduce him early on as a good guy. He could be a patron, but he’ll most likely work better as a beneficial NPC that checks in from time to time. Now to make him a great villain you need to make him a hero in his own eyes. His plan needs to be terrible and evil but come to a conclusion that would make the world a better place. Genocide for peace is a good one. Now how you want him to go about this is up to you, but revealing the plot is what will make this an amazing NPC.

When the time is right let the players know that Ozy is actually the BBEG and have them confront him. Ozy should be somewhere hard to get to so it takes the PCs a while to get to him. When they finally confront him you need to have a little talk time. This could be during a fight or it could be before or after one, but there needs to be a chance to talk. When the players are talking Ozy should reveal his plot to the PCs. Normally this is a villain no no but here is the big twist. Turns out Ozy already implemented his plan an hour ago (or however long it would take). The players are already too late. This works great as an early campaign setup, but do not use it as a closer. You will peeve off your players.

Thanks for reading and let me know when you’ve used something like this before.

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