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Grim World Class Review: The Battlemaster

(Please note that Grim World classes are not free so I don’t want to give any mechanics that can’t be found for free so I’ll be sticking with very general ideas. Also this is talking about the DW version of the class)

As promised here is the first review of classes from Grim World just like I promised from here. So what’s a battlemaster? It’s a fighter that uses his mind as much as his muscle. Here is a blurb from the book about the battlemaster.

Your spear throw connects but it only enrages the grotesque shambler as its tentacles rip your shield away. It pulls you in close and the beast’s great maw finally opens. You shout, “NOW!” as you throw the blue oil flask straight down its bellowing gullet. The hidden archer is revealed and lets loose an arrow of flame. The explosion tears the shambler apart. You land on your back smiling, as entrails drop nearby. Another plan well done.

How awesome is that? The battlemaster is all about laying out a plan and making these elaborate traps and feints that bring your party together as a cohesive unit. The best part is these plans don’t need to be actually planned out before hand. This is handled with the resource known as Gambits. When something goes wrong for the group the Battlemaster gains a Gambit. Story wise this means that the party failing at something was all part of the plan. Then the Battlemaster can spend those gambits for advantages that benefit the party. The BtM also has tactics that he can use to give him an edge in offense, defense, or anything in between. These can be changed during the fight as needed. Finally BtM also gain a bonus to war and conflict and inside knowledge as to what the enemy is thinking. The advanced moves for the BtM cover everything from making yourself tougher and stronger to ordering around your troops to giving you more ways to spend your gambits. The death move for this class can be really fun for someone who likes to make these grandiose plans that would normally take an entire season on a TV show to get through. These guys are fun to play and have in your game.

I’m sorry that I don’t get into more details but like I said I don’t want to give mechanics away since the authors worked hard on these products and they are worth the money. Thanks for reading.


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