by Jacob

Steal This Villain: Living Magic

Sometimes, magic lingers. It piles up. When this happens, you never know what’s going to happen next.  The only thing you can be sure of is that you don’t want to be there when it hits ‘critical mass’.

Today’s Steal This Villain is the by product of one of these magical events.  It is a being made of magic, with nothing but hate for the peoples of the world.  It is aware that it is essentially magical pollution, caused by people mishandling magic.


The living magic being doesn’t necessarily have to hate all people; you can choose that it only wishes to kill those who do magic (up to you what magics count – normally, I wouldn’t count divine magic for this).  The one time I tried this, the creature hated all people.

What does the being look like?  Can it change what it looks like?  Is there a telltale sign of what it is?  Has this happened often enough that some people might be able to tell what it is?  Is it even visible?  Mine was able to look like anyone (and even multiple someones at the same time) in order to work its way up the ladder and eventually rule and empire.  All just to destroy it.

What is the being capable of?  It is limited in the types of spells it can do? How can people harm it?  Can people harm it?  Can it directly harm others?  The one I ran was only able to take on physical forms, and make illusions.  It was able to hurt and be hurt in the same way as anyone normal person (as Delos would say: “Oh no, you found my greatest weakness: physical harm”).

Doesn’t Have to Be Evil

Technically, this idea doesn’t have to be a villain.  Without the vindictive streak against people, there’d be no reason for this creature to necessarily be evil.  You could make an interesting NPC from this idea (think Mr. Manhattan, but without the constantly exposed penis).


I hope you enjoyed the idea and can find something fun to do with it!

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