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Grim World: The Channeler

Once again a quick note. The Channeler is a part of Grim World and this is not a free class. I will not be giving away any mechanics so as to make sure that these wonderful ideas get out there with out screwing the authors out of their amazing work.

In continuing with my Grim World reviews we’re going to talk about the Channeler. If you want a quick idea of what a Channeler is look up the Warhammer Bright Wizard. These guys aren’t so much about summoning up the elements of creation using precise spells and conjuring. All these guys can do is open the fire hose of magic and hope they survive it. Channelers are awesome if you want to play a magic user that is all about one flavor of magic (fire, ice, darkness, cheese, earth, magma, etc) and just hosing the enemy with is all the while trying your best not to explode from this power.

Channelers have more HP that any caster I’ve seen, and well they need it. You pick out your element of choice and then have to make a few techniques that you love to use. Think of these techniques as the attacks the characters of an anime use. You shout their name and one Kamehameha later you get a crater. You can customize these to do things other than leave craters. You also gain the ability to summon up an elemental. The trick is making sure it doesn’t get off leash cause then the GM get’s to control it and let it run amok.

The advanced moves of the Channeler allows you to expand your elemental prowess and also to give you options to do more damage and cooler things at the expense of HP. Eventually you can start manipulating your element from outside sources and and start teleporting the group around using your favorite element.

This is easily one of the more simpler caster classes to run. Mechanically there really isn’t as much to it but it’s still a blast. Oh and the best part is this class is a CON based class, not INT. You just need to survive your magic first.

Thanks for reading mates.

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