by Delos

Arcane Fallout: The Greenskins

Hey all, so keeping up with the articles about the world in my head here is the set up of the world told from the Greenskins point of view.

Thorgut Whitehair, Shaman and Elder of the Wyld Tribe

“Ours is a race of tradition. Our people were the same as the humans. We came on the same boats. We shared the same bread. We protected each other. It was a good life. Then things started to change. Some tribes started calling themselves kingdoms, their chiefs kings. Squabbles between tribes became war. Greed and hate were a way of life now. The strong took from the weak, and these kingdoms, these civilized men, were stronger than us. Over many seasons our kinds grew apart. We became known as The People. They called us the Hoards. Our People kept with our old ways. Worshiped the old gods and lived on the land as the land was our partner and not our slave. The People fought with the kingdoms every new moon for a while. They’d attack us, we’d attack back. Blood became our way of life. Our blood was strong. We were stronger than the men of the east, yet they had their steel and no man has skin of iron that can turn away the blow of a sword. Then it happened. The sky fire. The crash. Our rebirth.

It landed in our lands. No one could approach it without the wrath of an angry god smiting them. It protected itself. If left alone it left us alone. The gods gave this to their People. To what end we wouldn’t know for a long while. Then the men came. They came with their armies and swords. Even the dwarves came. They demanded to be let through. Our People were pushed and beaten all our lives. We refused safe passage. They killed any that stood up to them and their armies. So many were lost standing up to these tyrants. Now there is the Path of Tears. A path made from the bones of our people who stood against those who would wage war for the sake of power. The armies made it to the Gift, the sky ship. The ship turned them away like it did with us as well. Soon the dwarf armies left. Then the armies of men left as well. All that was left was the dead of our People and our anger. Then the Gift started our salvation.

It was slow at first. We lost many old and sick. Our healers couldn’t figure out why the gods were taking them. The gods were culling the heard. Only leaving those who were to weak to survive the Gift. Then we began to change. We grew bigger, stronger, and our anger stayed in our gut, burning like a wildfire. Our skin darkened and turned the color of trees and plants. After a month the People became what outsiders know as Greenskins. The first of our kind to fully change was the great war chief Rodgar Steelteeth, named after the wicked sword he found in the ship. He was the only one that the People know of that made it into the ship. It was like the gods had chosen him. When he came out he had the gifts of the gods on him. His sword known as Steelteeth, the crown of the People, and other artifacts. With his gifts he quickly became chief of any tribe he spoke to. Soon he had the whole of the People ready for war. His anger against men burned brighter than any other. He lead us to victory after victory. Their swords could not cut us easily and their arrows would not slow us down. We were unstoppable. Then the dwarves came.

Their armies took us by surprise. Their engineers and rune magic stopped our strength with mighty walls and armor. Their runes cut through our flesh. We fought long and hard against our enemies. The dwarves stopped our march. In a battle against the dwarf war chief Rodgar fell, his head and crown split in two. Once he fell our fighting spirit went away. The crazed blood lust died out and we broke and left. The People once again live in their tribes, and our scouts say that the dwarves and men are fighting. The elves have changed into something as well. Their gods must have gifted them with power as well. The men now wield some new power. The dwarves retreat to their mountain. It is an interesting time to be alive. It is spoken that soon another may be chosen to lead the People. Another will enter the Gift of the gods. Who it is I don’t know, but I do know that when the chosen leaves the Gift, the world will change again.”

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