by Jacob

Steal This Location: 5-Minute Weather

Growing up, my dad liked to say the phrase, “You don’t like the weather around here? Wait 5 minutes; it’ll change.” He always made it sound like that was only true in this area (central Wisconsin), but apparently it’s said pretty much everywhere. But what do you think it would be like if that were literally true all the time? Well, that’s today’s location to steal.

It’s sounds like fantasy, and it really is, but I even came up with a way to make it ‘feasible’ without magic. It would be an area that is largely surrounded by mountains, but it has channels of valley that lead out in several different direction. It’s also a center collision area for multiple trade winds, bringing different weather patterns in from all different sides, channeled through the valleys. Whichever wind prevailed for the time being would drop it’s weather on the area while the others fought for dominance.

However your version accomplishes having the 5-minute weather system, it could be quite fun. Early in the session, the characters are ready to drop from heat stroke, then suddenly a bitterly cold rain storm comes in from the south. Mostly, it can be fun to throw completely different challenges at your players to deal with. Trying to stay hydrated in the heat, stay dry in the rain, stay warm in the cold, or stay moving in the snow, mud, or wind. This could present unpredictable obstacles for your players to deal with in the game.

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