by Delos

Grim World: The Necromancer

This is an odd class. I’d recommend that you talk to your DM before you grab this one. Depending on the group you’re playing in, it could get awkward. The necromancer, by default, is going to be an icky, semi-evil, and all together a dark character. If you have a group that wants to play a bunch of goodie goodie two shoes, then pass on this, but if you have a group that likes shades of gray then continue reading.

The necro has a lot of fun role playing opportunities and will be set for a lot of fun. They are INT based class that is low on damage and HP. You’re going to look creepy so embrace it. Your class mechanics are really fun, if you have imagination. One of your body parts can be detached and used via remote or eaten for a bonus. Don’t worry it grows back. Like I said, you’re creepy, embrace it. You have a fantastic support skill as well. You can reattach parts. Make sure to let your DM know this so he can give you opportunities to use it.

Your big move is the ability to manipulate corpses. You can carry them around in your pocket and bring one to life when you need. You don’t dirty your hands with combat. That’s why you have minions. They carry things, move things, and kill things. Your zombies are very sturdy. Minor wounds don’t bother them though one solid blow can remove something important like an arm or leg.

You also can learn things from your enemies. They don’t even need to be alive to do so. Just nibble their brain and you learn something new! Handy.

Finally you gain a great catch all skill that is like a wizard’s ritual move. You can come up with all sorts of nasty things to do to your enemies. Really it’s only limited by your imagination and what the DM says is needed to complete the curse.

Your advanced moves are wide and varied. You can beef up your zombies, find better bodies to use, make yourself more hardy, and make true monsters. This class really lets you play the monster maker, minion master, and crazed mad man…er, person.

I haven’t seen this class in play, so I can’t say how it works with other classes, but the class looks really fun. If you had or have played this class let us know below in the comments.

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