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Grim World: The Slayer

The next class to cover in the Grim World universe is the slayer. For those just tuning in, Grim World is a fantastically written supplement to the Dungeon World series. Grim World offers new playbooks, races, and monsters, and the best thing is that it is also written for FATE. I only cover the DW side of things because that’s my poison of choice. The FATE side of classes offers class specific stunts to help shape your character. Well let’s dive into the slayer.

What is it?

The slayer is pretty straight forward. You are all about the kill. Now you may be thinking, well doesn’t every class kill things, but let me stop you right there. The slayer is the Charlie Sheen of murder. If you don’t get your fix soon you’ll end up with your own TV show… wait… that’s not right…The slayer is a murder junkie. They actually start to get the shakes and become more and more agitated the longer it takes them to get a kill. If you are familiar with Warhammer, the slayer is the same as the dwarven slayers from that universe. You could easily make Gotrek with this class (go read Gotrek and Felix, a really fun and dark adventure series).

How does it murder?

The big mechanic is Bloodthirst and Withdrawal. Every time you fail a roll you start getting the itch. Each failure gives you a debility (weak, shaky, etc) and you gain a resource called Thirst. You can roll +Thirst when you want to kill something, so even if all of your stats are mucked up due to Withdraw, you’re gonna hit like a steam powered freight train when you want to kill something. Now from a purely mechanical standpoint this class is weaker than say the fighter or barbarian. I had a lengthy discussion with others about this class and the final consensus was that if you’re looking for a min/maxed ass beater you might want to look at a different class, but in my opinion if you are min/maxing then maybe DW isn’t for you. I’ve seen the slayer in play (Jacob was actually playing him, maybe I can get him to comment on this) and it was still a fun class. The junkie adds a dark twist to the party dynamic.

Some of the other abilities help give the slayer more footing in the fiction. They can’t be only about murder after all. That’s pretty boring. You carry an arsenal with you where ever you go. Need a pointy piece of wood for vampires, it’s in there somewhere. Need the bone of a saint for a ghost, yeah it’s in the pack. Need a gerbil that was born under a blood moon on the summer solstice, well you might be out of luck, but you get the idea. Finally you get a buddy. An old friend that helps you with your addiction and offers you advice, carry your things, or maybe even go with you on a hunt. Your advance moves let you use your thirst in new ways and allows you to pick up a few abilities from the fighter and ranger. The high level moves also give you more ways to deal with the negative side affects of Withdrawal to the point where you are pretty much ignoring most of the negatives. You become an avalanche of murder. You’ll need a little nudge and then you won’t stop till someone is splattered on the ground.

Thanks for reading mates.

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