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Shanghaied In Sapphire Isles

Hey all. So like I promised here is the play by post I’m running. I’d like to copy and paste it into an article but it formats horribly and I’ll have to rewrite a bunch of it. So instead here is a link to the first session.

Session One

We’re playing Dungeon World and everyone was allowed to come up with something unique about their character. The cast is

Leomer- A human fighter that has some merman blood in him.

Xadra- A halfling druid with a medallion that controls the Sapphire Isles.

Baldric- A human bard who is the future host of a forgotten god.

Kroova- A human ranger who shares a soul with his hawk.

Kylligan- A dwarven priest who can literally smell gold a mile away.

Enjoy the read.


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