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Grim World: The Templar

Gday mates. So here are my thoughts about the Templar from the Grim World series. I’ve seen this in play once, but the player didn’t do a whole lot with it, so most of this is pure speculation.

What is a Templar?

This is pretty much it.

The above picture is a priest of Sigmar from the Warhammer universe and it’s obvious that Grim World grabbed a lot of their ideas and style choices from WH. These guys are all about staying pure by kicking ass, there own or others. Using divine wrath these guys bring the hurt. The Templar can also heal people but he needs to hear some of the wrongs they have done first. You may learn more about your comrades than you ever wanted. This is a pure ass beater PoS with a hint of Witch Hunter thrown in.

How do they kick booty?

The Templars biggest schtick is Wrath. It is a resource that fuels the awesome. Just about everything you do is about the Wrath. You start with 3 and can spend it one to one to power just about any basic action that you would use in combat. The other half of your starting moves involves confessions and inquiry, usually utilizing broken fingers and the like. The Templar makes a great alternate Paladin if you want to go for the Holy Knight without playing a Paladin.

How do they kick advanced booty?

The advanced moves are varied. You have the usual number improvements to moves, but you also gain a few neat story moves that help make your character unique. I think the biggest selling point of the Templar is that there is no cookie cutter build. You can be a melee ass beater, or a ranged ass beater, or be all about telling people what to do and commanding divine authority. The advance moves really let you be a well rounded character, able to help out in most situations, which is always nice. Want to tank? There’s a move that let’s you wear clumsy armor and makes it hurt to touch. Want to hit harder? There’s a move that makes your “Smites” hit like a truck. Want to command the flock? There’s a move for that too.

In closing

Once again I’m going to say that Grim World is worth the money. If you want some darker classes or want to run a Warhammer game, you want to get this. For what you pay, you are getting a lot. As always thanks for reading.


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