by Delos

Grim World: The Shaman

Or as my group calls it, the Pokemon Trainer. This is another class I have seen in action and it can be really fun. Mechanically it is a little weak in some areas (like raw damage) but story wise it’s a helluva ride.

What is it?

This version of the shaman class is all about capturing spirits in pokeballs totems and using there powers to harm your enemies, heal your friends, and help make the world a better place. You start out with a list of 10 different spirits you can call. Think of each spirit as a spell from the cleric/wizard class. You use each spirit a few times and eventually, through dice or choice, they run out of gas and are released back into the wild. Once you hit level 6 and take a certain advanced move you gain the ability to call on 10 more, but these new 10 are mega evolution ancient spirits. They can only be use once a day and you can only have one on hand, but there powers are just ridiculous. One can make the sun appear at its noon time position in an instant (vampires hate that one), one can summon winter in an instant (let it go, the cold never bothered you anyway), and one makes crops ready to harvest in a few seconds. There are no major mechanics to the ancient spirits, they are more so story flavor.

The starter moves cover the ability to capture spirits and how to use them. You gain a protector spirit that is always with you, but honestly is not very useful or reliable. They only pop up whenever you roll a 1 on your damage die (of a d6) and then give you a +1 forward or add a tag to your attack. It’s very unreliable but it does help take the sting out of doing only one damage. You can also lend out your spirits to your allies but they automatically use and lose them while you can roll to keep them around for a while longer.

The totems themselves have a wide array of skills, from damage and armor, to communication and hauling loads of loot. You can build and change your load out to fit a situation, given enough time of course. This allows to you play your shaman however you want, be it a tank, a ranged dps, or a utility and healer class. Note that if you really want to be a great healer, or a great tank, or a great killer and only that, then you might want to look at a specialized class. This class can do it all but there are other classes that can do each individual task better. I’d recommend this class to anyone who really wants to be a shaman for story reasons or someone who wants to be a jack of all trades.

Well we’re down to one last class from Grim World. After that I’m going to start going through the classes of 13th Age. Since 13th Age is OGL (open gaming license) and all of the mechanics are on a free and public web site. I can talk more in detail about it. As always thanks for reading mates.

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