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Grim World: The Skirmisher

This is it. The last class from Grim World. Thanks to those who have been reading and a huge thanks for the guys behind Grim World. It’s awesome and has made my home game that much better. With out further ado I give you the skirmisher.

What Is It?

Skirmishers are all about team work and pointy sticks. There chief mechanic is the fulcrum. Fulcrums are other PCs that you are covering, helping, and working in concert with. You pick out who is your fulcrum as the situation arises (so you can have multiple fulcrums throughout a fight but only one at a time). The fulcrum gains a minor benefit depending on a background choice and gain the opportunity for free attacks whenever your fulcrum is hit or attacks. This can allow for a huge damage boost depending on how the GM runs the fight. Your other starting moves also help in combat by giving you the ability to distract and an extra option when you get a 7-9 on a Hack n Slash. Finally you gain a bonus depending on if you are wielding a shield or not. To me a skirmisher is a Spartan from the movie 300; disciplined, calm, and if given the chance will poke you with a stick.

Their advanced moves are really all about the combat. There are only two moves that are not used outside of fights, so if you are looking for a playbook that gives something more than just combat bonuses, then you’ll want to move on. If you are looking for a butt kicker that plays well with others, then you may be on to something. A nice thing about the skirmisher is that you can play them tanky, ranged, or hard hitting melee. It doesn’t take much to switch between the two. It is more dependent on your stats though if you want high ranged dps. STR and DEX are your bread and butter. After that go CON. There is only one class specific move that uses CHA after that so unless you want to be good at a few basic moves you can dump the mental stats. Overall mechanically this class is really solid, but story wise they don’t bring much. If you can provide your own story ideas then you should be fine.

Thanks for reading mates. I’ll be starting up with 13th Age related articles real quick so stay tuned.


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