by Delos

Dungeon World: Moar Bonds!

I found THIS SITE a while back and I wanted to share it with you all. This guy came up with some great bonds for the base classes. Instead of copy/pasting them head over to Red Box Vancouver’s Blog and check it out.

Making up your own bonds can really be a fulfilling thing to do in Dungeon World. Something that I do in my home game is to have player A fill out a name for a bond, but then Player B (who’s name was picked for said bond) has to come up with a back story for it. Sometimes it works great and both players end up with a history that neither of them expected, other times the players try to make the other look like an idiot, but that’s more so the problem with my players.

Just remember that if you do try this, be sure to follow the rule of “Yes, and…” You can not say No to something. You have to keep rolling with it. This applies to players and GMs. Nothing will grind a game to a halt faster than having someone say, “No that doesn’t happen” or “No I try to stop them”. Let things happen and then roll with it. Yeah the thief trying to steal the pants off of the king while he’s in them is a bad idea, but don’t try to hold him down. Let him go for it and roll with it. Your games will be so much better for it.

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