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Crown of the Lich King

This summer I’m joining a local gaming group that has players ranging from middle to high school. I offered to GM for them and decided that 13th Age would be a good fit. Most of these kids have played some iteration of D&D so I didn’t need to explain what a d20 was. Since they are pretty well written I decided to run the adventures that ASH LAW had come up with and started with Crown of the Lich King. This adventure is divided into six 2 hour sessions. Since the meetings run for four hours we did session 1 and 2.

I gave everyone a premade character sheet that you can find here. Something I noticed once we got playing is that the sheets don’t perfectly match what’s in the book. We had a 2nd level sorcerer wielding a watered down version of a 3rd level spell (which he shouldn’t be able to cast yet). It was very odd, but not game breaking. Also a few things were missed (like the half damage on a miss entry on a few daily spells), so be sure to look the sheets over before handing them out.

We ended up with:

  • Dark Elf Sorcerer nicknamed Louis. He was once the best smuggler in Shadowport until he died. The Lich King resurrected him and he doesn’t know why.
  • Human Wizard named Netloc who was the only human to live in the underwater city of Atlantis with the merefolk
  • High Elf Ranger named Crow who stole the left eye of the Lich King right before the Prince of Shadows did
  • Half Orc Fighter named Crota who beat the Orc Lord in a duel once, and the Orc Lord will not let him live it down

A quick note before I start in on the actual play report: I ran the adventure as written, but when I did something off script or have a suggestion for when you run it I’ll put it in italics like this.

Session 1: The Map

All of the PCs are tasked with stealing the crown of the Lich King. The sorcerer wants to get it to the Dwarf King because of reasons and the rest of the PCs just want to get it away from the Lich King, so that worked out nicely.

The PCs are told by their contacts that the crown is kept in the Necropolis and only one adventurer has ever gotten out alive. A half orc by the name of Jont. The players learn through a skill roll that he was last seen in a town called Roachdale. I asked the group who had been there before and Louis said he had. I asked him what stuck out most to him about it. He said the copious amount of cannibals that make up the village. (Note that the adventure has suggested things for Roachdale but encourages your players to help make up the world) The group had to make a few skill checks to get through the city of man eaters. The made two out of three and each group member lost a recovery for they fail.

Something that I noticed was that over the course of the entire adventure, the PCs never came close to running out of recoveries. Maybe that was due to some lucky rolls, but if I did this again I’d probably up the penalty for failure by a bit more. Consider having the recovery loss be double.

The group found out that Jont had come through (very quickly since the villagers were trying to eat him) and headed into a sink hole in the middle of town. The villagers won’t go in cause no one ever came out. The PCs dove in and found a demonic temple guarded by Imps and Dretches. Crota was a demon hunter and was able to give the group a low down on what they were facing, to which Louis said, “Wait, dretches are demon poop? We don’t even get to fight real demons? Just their poop?” To which I replied, “Poop happens.”

Not wanting to suffer a demon to live the group attacks them. One of the imps gets away and heads into the temple. The group follows and we begin a montage of awesomeness describing the trials they had to face. My favorite one being (mind you this was all the players) a bottomless pit that they filled with the villagers by luring them down the temple with the promise of meaty goodness.

The the players found their missing adventurer. He was very dead and hanging in a cage. They get him down and look for the map he was suppose to have. Turns out it was tattooed on his back, so Louis whipped out a knife and took care of it. As they were doing that a Vrock, the master of this demonic dungeon, appeared, along with the imp that got away. The Vrock welcomed them to their death a the fight ensued.

The fight was very straight forward and pretty easy since the fighter opened up with a huge crit against the supporting baddies. He killed 70% of them in one swing. Three rounds later the Vrock was dead and the adventurers had the map. According to the map they needed a compass made of the teeth of a white dragon. Reason for it was the power of the white dragon was still in the land of the dead since the Lich King killed the Alpha white dragon. So ends session one.

The final fight was really easy it seemed, but that could have been due to big crits in the beginning by the fighter and the wizard. In hindsight I should have got the vrock away from the fighter just a little bit and gone after someone else but he had it locked down with his fighter abilities. He did a good job protecting the group.

I’ll post up the 2nd half sometime soon. Also a heads up. Next week is the blogs 1 year anniversary. I have a cool surprise for you readers, especially you Dungeon World fans. Thanks for reading.

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