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Last night I guest starred in my little brothers Dresden Files game. It was pretty fun. I played a well known Knight of the Cross from the series. I fought along some very interesting people. One was a wizard, one was beholden to a dragon, and the third kept really quiet about what he was. They didn’t know I was a Knight since my Sword was hidden so they just assumed I was some vanilla mortal. We had to fight an Uber Ghoul to win our freedom off an island and we ended up getting a boat and sailing back to the main land. That’s when things got interesting.

A few things you should know before I go on. I don’t get to play much so when I do I make sure I really throw myself into my character. Since I was a small Asian man who wielded a sword that had one of the nails from the Cross (yeah that Cross) in the hilt I was the most pious bad ass I could be. I was channeling my inner Miyagi the whole night. Also my brother tends to not half ass his stories. When something bad happens it’s usually on a scale of “Kicking Hitler out of art school” to “Invading Russia during the winter”.

We get to shore and I start talking to the group, getting ready to say good bye (since I’m only there for the one night). My brother wants to call it a night, but I ask him if we could RP a little bit. He says sure, and that’s when some magic happened.

I started talking to the group and asked them what their plans were. They were going to go back to their boss (some powerful BBEG that they owed a lot of favors to) and continue doing what he wants (which is usually bad things). I start giving parting words of wisdom (cause I’m Mr. Miyagi) and I get to the third member. The one that didn’t reveal what he was. He carried this awesome looking sword with him but he never got the chance to use it. Rolling well on Lore I had heard what it was. This sword was imbued with a Coin of the Denarian. For those of you who are new to Dresden a Coin has a fallen angel stuck in it. If you grab it the fallen can give you insane amounts of power, but they will corrupt you to damnation.

So here we are. Two knights on opposite sides of a war. I start talking to the man who wields this coin. I tell him he can give it up.  He claims that he needs the power of the coin to do his job. We go back and forth and I start getting though to him. That’s when the GM makes a move. The PC in question rolls and fails a Discipline check and the angel takes over. He introduces himself as Lucifer (like I said my brother doesn’t half ass it). He draws his sword and I draw mine, revealing to all at the table who I really am. The looks on their faces made the whole night worth it.

I kept talking to the PC while Lucifer kept trying to shoot down my arguments. No dice were being rolled. It was all RP. Soon the fallen started becoming desperate when the player asked me out of game, “What will I lose if I give up the sword?” I look at his sheet. Everything supernatural about him is tied to that coin.

“Everything that makes you more than human.”

“What will I gain?”

“Mechanically nothing, but you’ll get to start a new chapter of your characters life and will open up a whole new world of possibilities.”

“Ok I drop the coin.”

At this point the GM is throwing Fate Points around like their free candy. He’s tempting everyone with this coin. He’s pushing 1, 2, and 3 points at a time at the players. They are all looking at the pile of power and it’s looking really good. That’s when I wrap the coin in my shirt and claim it for safe keeping. The player asks me, “What happens now?”

“You’ll have to change your sheet up a bit…”

“No what happens in game?”

“You keep playing and find out.”

A couple of things you as a player or GM should take away from this story is:

  1. As a player always have a goal and direction in mind for our PC. Even if it’s not the same as the GM’s goal it gives you motivation to act when opportunity comes knocking. My goal was to save any I could from the fallen. It just so happened that one of the PCs were my goal, and when we were finishing up the game, my goal gave me something to go for.
  2. As a player don’t be afraid to play a PC that might not fit perfectly with the rest of the group. Do not be belligerent about it, but having some opposing view points makes the game pretty fun.
  3. As a GM don’t be afraid to leave the PCs to their own devices for a little bit. Some amazing things can happen when you do. If they all stop and just stare at you then it’s time to act.

Thanks for reading.


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