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Monster of the Week: Goblins

So here at Ramblings we’re going to try something for the summer. Every week for the rest of the summer I’m going to look into an iconic monster. I’ll cover history in folk lore, history in more modern media, famous monsters, and some ideas on how to make these monsters shine in different systems. This is also open to the public to advertise their ideas here on Ramblings. I’ll be advertising the articles mostly on Google+ and I’ll be hitting up a few different communities so if you have something you’d like to share please leave your comments here on Ramblings.

As the title may have lead you to believe we’re going to kick off our Monsters of the Summer by starting with Goblins! We’re looking at a release schedule of

Tuesday: Folk Lore History (Old stories, myths, and legends)

Wednesday: Modern Media History (RPGs, Newer books, Video Games)

Thursday: Monsters as Enemies

Friday: Monsters as PCs

I mostly write about Dungeon World and 13th Age, but if you have ideas, thoughts, and articles about different systems, please write them down and share them here. Our Goblin’s week will be our big test run and if the response is positive we’ll keep doing it. Thanks for reading and I hope to hear your ideas and insights.

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