by Delos

Goblin Folklore

It’s amazing how many common ancestors goblins have. Looking into Wikipedia turns out the idea of goblins have been around for a long while and were related to kobolds and elves. Some of the common traits they all shared was they were small (could be between a few inches to about four feet tall), evil (or at least not good hearted), greedy, loved money, and were somewhat related to gnomes and brownies.

Goblin legends come from England, Germany, and Wales and dates back as far as the early 1200’s.  Different countries have different legends of goblins. Paranormal Haze has a great breakdown of the different goblin sub types here. The more popular ones that most people have heard of are hobgoblins and kobolds. Generally hobgoblins are considered a more human form of goblin and were considered a blessing to have around, while kobolds were considered a pest that looks more like the goblins with big ears that we’re use to and not the dragonic underlings that most RPGs make them out to be.

Thanks for reading! What’s your favorite goblin folk lore or piece of art? Share it down below. Also remember to check in tomorrow and we’ll talk about goblins in modern media, starting with the grand daddy of fantasy, JRR Tolkien.

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