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Goblin Heroes

So we’ve talked about all the horrible things goblins can be, but what about the goblin that wants to turn a new leaf? Here are a few ideas for playing a goblin hero.

Dungeon World

Bard-Gain “A Bestiary of Creatures Unusual” in addition to what ever else you pick. This can only apply to creatures found underground.

Cleric-You gain Darkness as a rote spell.

Druid-In addition to any other attunements, the Depths of the Earth is always considered your land.

Fighter-When you Defy Danger using dirty tricks and underhanded tactics, gain +1 to your roll.

Paladin-Yeah I can’t see this happening.

Ranger-Your giant nose is great for tracking prey. Gain +1 forward on tracking rolls when you can track by scent.

Thief-You grew up in a people of cut throats and sneaks. When rolling Back Stab treat a 6- as a 7-9, and a 7-9 as a 10.

Wizard-Your magic is tricky and sneaky. Unless the spell is blatantly obvious (like a fireball) you can keep the act of casting the spell hidden from all. No one will know it was you unless it has to obviously be you casting it.

13th Age

Goblin (From the Vault of the 13th Age)
You’re one of the few of your wretched kind to crawl out of the dank, savage warrens and not go running back at the first sign of danger. Once you got used to the light of the sun, you wondered why you didn’t leave your filthy, ravenous kindred behind long ago.
+2 Dex or +2 Wis: In a den of goblins, you need to be quick if you want to eat. You either developed fast feet or a paranoid level of awareness.
Small: Goblins have a +2 AC bonus against opportunity attacks.
Shifty Bugger (Racial Power)
Goblins gain a +5 bonus to disengage checks.
Champion feat: Once per battle when you successfully disengage from an enemy, you may make a basic melee attack against that enemy at a +5 bonus. That’ll teach them to take their eyes off of you.
Razormouth (Racial Power)
You’ve got a mouthful of jagged teeth that grow back at a rate that more delicate races find alarming. You may use your bite when making basic melee attacks. It deals 1d3 damage per level. Additionally, you can survive on nearly any organic matter no harder to chew than bones or soft wood. This doesn’t really have any rules attached to it, but who knows when chewing through a table might come in handy?

In Closing

Thanks for slogging through Goblin Week with me. If you have any ideas for Goblin PCs please leave them in the comments below. Also let me know what you thought of Goblin Week and if y’all liked it I’ll do more Monster of the Week things. Thanks for reading mates.

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