by Delos

And I’m Back

Hey all,

So first off thanks to those who came to the site while I was away. This summer kicked my butt pretty hard. I was dealing with depression, a crappy summer job, and other not fun things. Just a note to those who suffer from depression. It’s not your fault and it can get better, but it won’t until you ask for help. Even if you’re not sure if you are depressed, you should talk to someone you trust. At the very least you might be able to figure out if you are depressed or have just been stuck in a really bad couple of days. If you have no one you trust then talk to me. Send me a message or look me up at [email protected] I won’t judge and I’m willing to listen.

During the summer I got to try some new games both RP and Board and I’m excited to write about them. The big ones I tried was Torch Bearer and Urban Shadows and I’ll write up articles for both. I’m also going to try to come up with more content that you can use in your own game instead of writing up reviews for every article.

I also might be changing my release schedule but I don’t know that for sure. I’ll keep you posted.

Thanks again for coming back.

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