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2d6 City Events

Here’s a table for you to roll on when the adventuring party gets back to town. This works best when the players haven’t been back for a while (your call) and of course you can always cherry pick which ones you want to use. I modeled this off of Dungeon World so a 7-9 nothing bad happens but nothing great happens. A 10+ is great and a -6 makes things interesting. (Edit: Added events for 7-9. Thanks Jonathan.)

2d6 Events Happening in Town

2-On Fire! This whole city is up in a blaze. The PC’s should see smoke in the horizon (if during the day) or a bright glow (if during night). People are panicking, horses are running wild trying to escape, and heat and smoke are everywhere.

3-Sieged! The city is under siege from an enemy army. This could be a neighboring kingdom, barbarians, a necromancer with his undead army, or a horde of dire bunnies.

4-Dragon! A huge wyrm has attacked the city!

5-Plague! The city has fallen victim to a disease. It could be in the early stages or, if the PCs have been gone for a while, hundreds could be dead.

6-Enchantment! Every citizen has fallen into a deep slumber. No one will wake regardless of noise or physical discomfort.

7-Thief! A thief is heading out the city just as the heroes are coming home. Can the heroes stop him before he makes it past the walls and to the open road?

8-Lost Child! A small boy is crying at the city gate. He had run away but now is lost. What’s that strange mark on the back of his neck, and why are there men shadowing the boy?

9-Decree! The king (or whatever local head of government) has decreed that today will be a new holiday in his honor, complete with feasting, revelry, and culminating with a human sacrifice! Well at least the ale is good.

10-Parade! The PCs are welcomed back as heroes and there is a parade in their honor. If the players hadn’t accomplished anything great they might have been confused with someone else.

11-Summons! The king (or whatever local head of government) summons the PCs to praise them for their work.

12-Divine Blessing! An avatar of a god appears with much fanfare to the PCs in the middle of town. It thanks them for their services and grants them a boon.

Hope this makes your games more fun. I’m going to be writing up more of these tables in the future so keep checking back in.


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