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Blighterghast: The Plague Dragon

This is the BBEG from an old DW game that I was running a while ago. We never finished that game (maybe someday we will), but I’d hate to see this BBEG not be shared with the rest of the world. He’s ripped off from a few sources. The name appears in the Iron Kingdoms: Monsternomicon, and he’s a dragon, but in the Iron Kingdoms there are only a handful of dragons and each are horribly evil beings that will warp the fabric of the area they lair in. Next I pulled from Warhammer and added a little Nurgle, the chaos god of Pestilence. Finally I brought in some Zhaitan from Guild Wars 2 and added the corrupting influence that he possesses. In the end I had a force of nature made incarnate and really evil. The players had been trying to power up a McGuffin that would help equalize the playing field and bring him down from a god to a slightly less powerful god. Here are the stats and moves I was going to use. Also note that Blighterghast is huge and you should grab the BAM moves that I wrote up previously.


20HP Siege Armor (can’t be hurt unless you hit a weak point or use something really big like siege weapons) (b)2d8+2 damage (ap)

Desire: To infest


  • Vomit forth plague zombies
  • Swallow people whole
  • Cut a large swath of destruction with its massive claws

Resist Plague (Thanks to Thoth on Reddit for the Suggestion)

When you become exposed to the blight, roll +CON. On a 10+ you are fine for this encounter. On a 7-9 choose 1.

• Your blood turns green and thickens within your own veins, which now bulge out of your skin. You are now Sick and Scarred.

• Dark things flit about in the corners of your vision, which is now tinged green. For 17 nights, you will have strange dreams of a blighted wasteland, and your sleep will bring you no rest. You are now Confused and Shaky.

Eaten Alive (Thanks to Anon for Suggestion)

When you find yourself inside of the digestive system of Blighterghast, roll +STR. You take 1d6 damage. On a 10+ you escape (how gross your exit is is up to you). On a 7-9 the experience has left you temporarily weakened. Take -1 forward. On a -6 you are still trapped and you found a zombie to deal with.

 Death Throe

When Blighterghast is dealt a killing blow, it comes crashing down and crushes any who are unlucky enough to not be out of the way. If you are in the way when Blighterghast comes down (and most likely that’s just about everyone because this guy is huge), roll +DEX. On a 12+ you are fine. On a 10+, choose 1. On a 7-9 you choose 1 and the GM chooses 1.

  • You lose something important
  • You are injured (roll damage)
  • Gain a debility (cannot take if you have all debilities)

There you have it. Big bad plague dragon ready to rip your players a new one. Tell me what you think and thanks for reading.


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