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Eberron Rim

I watched Pacific Rim recently and it got me thinking about an idea Jake and I had a while ago but did nothing with it.


All the things you need for a good Kaiju game are there in the Eberron ‘verse. You need advanced science (magic), a place for giant monsters to come from, and enough crazy people in power to commit resources. The more we talked about it the awesomer it got. There were so many ways you could get giant beasts to fight giant constructs in this universe. This idea would be easiest to throw into FATE. I know there is a giant mecha game called Camelot Trigger out there somewhere with rules to making FATE a more giant monster friendly environment. Here are the story ideas I’d throw into doing this kind of game.

The Monsters

Plenty of crazy powerful villains could have the ability to create giant monsters. Some of the ideas we came up with are…

The Dragons

These guys are already huge and highly destructive when they want to be. Granted they can be talked to and sometimes reasoned with, but when it comes to raw power a dragon is hard to put down.

The Lord of Blades

This guy basically has free reign of the Mournland. Within that blasted landscape was the base of operations for House Cannith. That’s like having Tony Stark leave his lab in your care. The Lord of Blades could easily find the tech needed to build himself a giant warforged, but the LoB wouldn’t make something he couldn’t control. So instead of making a warforged the size of a dragon he instead made the worlds biggest warfoged component. The LoB climbs into the head of this colossus and he is linked directly into the machine. This makes him extra dangerous because he can see and feel what this machine can.

The Dragon Below

There are plenty of warped and twisted creatures living in the Dragon Below. Mindflayers and their masters could be mutating creatures that get too close to their lairs. Through alien grafts and mutations, plus a whole lot of Enlarge Person spells, these experiments can wreak untold damage on the surface world.

The Giants

At one time the giants ruled the world, then the elves broke them. Now the giants are starting to reclaim their lost magic and power. Using blood sacrifices and other foul magic the giants are even bigger, stronger, and have strange new blood-powered abilities that make them dangerous foes. These giants are usually targeting the elves in a fury of vengeance.


Using her necromantic abilities Vol has created undead colossi out of the bodies of any large creature she can get her claws on. The creatures tend to be quite dumb but extremely hard to put down. The worst part is that even when you start removing parts of her monsters, the parts tend to keep going and causing all sorts of problems.

The Mechs

Call them what you will, these piloted constructs were the world’s answers to the escalation of war. Most countries have a couple of mechs at their disposal, as do the Dragonmarked Houses. A few other groups have them as well but they tend to be special cases. With the emergence of this new magic, a new war has broken out, but now there are many more players, and alliances are more important than ever.

Most mechs are based on the same tech and magic that the airships are based off of. Elementals are captured and used to power the mech and they are controlled and directed via Dragonshards. I’d probably avoid the whole “Multiple pilots per mech” idea unless the players want to either control multiple characters or share a mech.

The mechs could also be built to copy all of the fighting styles we know and love from most medieval fantasy games. You could have your typical beef cake sword and board tanks, archers with devastating siege weapons mounted to their arms, small fast and stealthy units, and finally mechs that are designed to channel and amplify the spells that wizards and clerics can cast. Be liberal and let your players come up with all sorts of stuff.


Unfortunately I never got to run with this idea, and I probably never will, but I hope one of you out there might. Let me know in the comments if you do. I’d love to hear about it. Thanks for reading.


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