by Delos

2d6 M. Night Shamalamadingdong Twists

So this 2d6 table is for when you need an unexpected twist to your tale. Yes they are all ridiculous, hence the title of the article.

What A Twist!

2- It turns out that the characters were dead the entire time and just didn’t realize it. They are simply fighting the ghosts of their past.

3- It turns out that the real mastermind is the girlfriend of the paladin and not the asthmatic luchador.

4- It turns out that the kindly old mentor of the party is actually the criminal mastermind that has been orchestrating everything. He did this in hopes of finding true heroes.

5- It turns out that one of the party members is actually Asmodeus in disguise and is trying to punish the party for sins they have committed in the past.

6- It turns out that it was all a dream.

7- It turns out that the kingdom the players live in is actually just a really isolated community of LARPers that got lost and made a home for themselves. They have been drinking tainted water and are all hallucinating the monsters of the world.

8- It turns out that the players are actually a live action remake of a beloved cartoon, and the movie is terrible.

9- It turns out the villain is actually the long thought dead mother/father of one of the characters.

10- It turns out that the gods are actually just long dead aliens.

11- It turns out that the players all have amnesia and they are trying to undo the evil plot they set up in the first place.

12- It turns out that the villain is highly allergic to water. Common water. Hell, might as well make it even more ridiculous. Why not air? Yeah, the villain is allergic to air. He has a Darth Vader like suit of armor so he can’t be exposed to air. Why would a villain even want to deal with a place that is covered with the thing that is highly toxic to him. That’s like a human going into the middle of a running nuclear reactor to make a sandwich. I’d say, “The hell with that. I’ll drive to Burger King.” Man I hated the movie Signs.

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