by Delos

Urban Shadows 1st Session

I’ve started up an Urban Shadows game, which for those of you who don’t know, is an Urban Fantasy/Horror game based on Apocalypse World, and so far we have a pretty solid city created. Our game is taking place in Phoenix, AZ and in the Dresden Files universe. The group consists of…

  • Steven Saxton- an Immortal who is trying to make the city a better place
  • Joanna Markus- a Hunter who is trying to take down the Red Court Vampires who were responsible for attacking her brother
  • Mel Moonpaw- a local Wolf who is trying to keep the people of the slums, which we are calling the Wastes, safe from the vampires and dragon that live nearby
  • Jack- a Tainted soul who has been working for Murmur (demon) for hundreds of years. Ever hear of Jamestown? No? Jack is the reason for that.
  • Victor Romaro – a White Court Vamp who’s father is one of the biggest Mexican drug lords currently. He’s trying to redeem himself and take down his family

The story is going to take place in a fictional Phoenix, AZ (as in we’re not using anything from the real city since we know nothing about it). There are some Native American burial grounds nearby that are currently marked to be ripped up by a development company run by a dragon named Kur. The Red Court of vampires have a pretty big power base in Phoenix since they can afford to pay tribute to Kur. We have a few NPCs written up and a couple of locations of importance. We spent the whole session on creation and didn’t get to any actual play, but if you’d like to see what we came up with CHECK THIS OUT. That leads to the Google Doc Folder where we are keeping all our notes. I’ll let you guys know what happens per each session. We’re not playing until next Wednesday 10/22, so I’ll update sometime after that.

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