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Dresden World

For the past…jeez it’s been a year now…I’ve been working on a hack for Apocalypse World. One of my favorite book series is Dresden Files by Jim Butcher. It’s about a wizard who lives in modern day Chicago. You can find him in the yellow pages under Wizard. Dresden’s world is like ours. Most people don’t believe in the supernatural and those that do are looked at like a bunch of crazies, but it’s all true. Big Foot, Santa, Tooth Fairy, Ogres, Trolls, God, the Devil, the Three Billy Goats Gruff are all in there. The world makes for a fantastic RPG and has already been turned into an RPG for FATE. I took a crack at Dresden to see if I could get another take on it and I ended up writing a couple play books. I’m going to share them one at a time here at Ramblings so I can tell the uninitiated what the play book is about. Here are a couple of question I can answer about this project that I’ve been getting a lot.

  • What play books did you write?
  • Why are you using powered by the apocalypse and not XYZ?
    • It is currently my favorite system and the feel of AW games seems really close to how a Dresden Files game should be
  • What about the FATE version?
    • I think the FATE version is fantastic, but no one in my group really does FATE. I’ve tried GMing it a few times and it just never clicked. I have a brother who GMs the FATE hack for Dresden and I’ve played in his group once. It was fun but I still had a hard time wrapping my head around it. I’d probably feel differently if someone in my home group was a FATE veteran.
  • What about Urban Shadows?
    • For those who don’t know, Urban Shadows is a fantastic hack based on AW (like mine) that is based on Dresden and Buffy and Angel. Urban Shadows has its own stats and mechanics like Debt and Corruption. It is a great game and if you are interested in Urban Horror/Fantasy you should check it out.
    • My game is a closer relative to AW. I use almost all the same basic moves (I changed one and added one) and I kept the same stats and mechanics. While I love Urban Shadows, I want a Dresden Files game and not something based off of it but then goes in its own direction. I prefer the Hx mechanic instead of debt. I did use the Corruption mechanic for my game, though I renamed it Darkness because it fits better thematically with Dresden.
    • I had started my project before I ever heard of Urban Shadows. While I definitely was influenced by Urban Shadows I didn’t make my hack in hopes of one upping Urban Shadows.
  • Are you finished with this?
    • Short Answer: No
    • Long Answer: While I’m happy with the way the play books are at the moment I want to flesh out the system a little bit more and do write ups for things that go bump in the night. Also I have not play tested these yet. Sadly I haven’t had time nor the people to try it.
  • Can I play test this?
    • Yes and please do! If you want access to all of them right away so you can play test them let me know. The 2nd link at the bottom gives you everything I have in a read only format. I need to hear some feed back other than “That’s neat.”
  • Will you be releasing a published product?
    • Maybe. I don’t know anything about copyrights and I’m not sure where I stand with this. I will, at least, get the play books into a finished format and write up some monsters, but if I get stopped by anyone I’m just going to throw what I have to the internet and move on to a new project.

If you have any questions I’ll be happy to answer them. Just to give you a taste here are my changes to the basic moves of AW. If you want to see everything go here.

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