by Delos

Mortal – Dresden World

When I refer to Mortals in the Dresden-verse I’m talking about the vanilla people with no special powers. While every other playbook I made gives everyone some form of magic or super human ability the mortal playbook keeps things in the realm of possibility for every day Joe Shmoe. This by no means makes the mortal less awesome than a wizard, but the mortal needs to keep one eye on the prize and one on the door, cause when things go bad they only have their wits to keep them alive.

The mortal is all about being sharp and on the lookout for trouble before it happens. One of the big aspects that separates the Mortal from other people is that they are in the know and can deal with the scary and weird. Every Mortal has the Fearless move which makes you total bad ass when you are facing down the monsters that make most people turn into a pile of gibbering uselessness.

You can keep yourself as a vanilla mortal, but eventually you can pick up some neat tricks from other play books and if things work out you can even change play books. The neat thing about Mortals is that when you do change you get to keep everything you had prior and you have the ability to advance your basic moves before anyone else.

Check out the Mortal here and let me know what you think.

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